Victims of Mass Killings

Because there are so many young children that have lost their lives in cruel and devastating ways, I am dedicating a page to victims of massacres/Genocide, etc… There are so many cases of mass killings that involve children that I would never complete the lists of on going names. I have decided to consolidate the cases of multiple victims. This way we can still remember each child, embrace and learn from their stories and maybe stop it from happening again. Some children leave behind only a name, others just their story but I am dedicated to telling each and every incident that I can and honor these children and their families. We each have a role in life. We can either use it to cause grief or we can learn and grow from what we know and better ourselves and improve the world where we can. Not by hate and anger but by sharing, accepting and growing together.
I understand that there was many killed during the vicious attacks that are listed here, and though I focus on the children mainly, I will try my best to honor their families as well. 

Subject Content Advisory
This section will cover the reports on everything from the Holocaust, and the Massacre at the Acre, to the Cologne School Massacre and more. Some reports are paired with graphic pictures and depictions of the horrific incidents. This subject may be sensitive in nature. Please be advised and use your own judgment when deciding to view them.


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