Unforgotten Children



Amaya, Gabriel 5 Months Homicide Details
Anthony, Caylee Marie 2 Years Homicide Details
Armstrong, Lianaina 11 Months Murder Suicide Details
Armstrong, Lance 2 Years Murder Suicide Details
Armstrong, Landen 5 Years  Murder Suicide Details
Andrews, Shelby  10 years Homicide Details
Atadero, Jaryd John  3 Years Mountain Lion Attack Details
Aviles, Michelle 5 Months Homicide Details
Bacon, Charlotte 6 Years Sandy Hook School shooting Details
Baker, Damien 5 Years Homicide Details
Banks, Boende 4 Years Homicide Details
Banks, Foraroude 1 Year  Homicide Details
Banks,Kissmayu 5 years Homicide Details
Banks, Mauritania 20 Months Homicide Details
Banks, Montanzima 6 Years  Homicide Details
Barahona, Nubia 10 Years Homicide Details
Barden, Gerard Daniel 7 Years Sandy Hook School sooting Details
Barea, LoReyna 7 Years Homicide Details
Bastholm, Mary 17 Years Unknown Details
Bauerle, Arnold 8 years Bath school disaster Details
Beckwith, Rachel 9 Years Car crash Details
Bergan, Herman 12 Years Bath School Disater Details
Bergan, Henry 14 Years Bath School Disaster Details
Bernall, Cassie Rene 15 Years Columbine Massacre Details
Berrelez, Aleszandra 5 Years Kidnapped, Homicide Details
Blanco, Peter 13 Months Homicide Details
Bookal, Marc Anthony 4 Years Homicide Details
Brantley, Tyquan 14 Years Heat Stroke Details
Breedlove, Benjamin 18 Years Cardiac Arrest Details
Bromundt, Emilie Marian 11 Years Bath School Disaster Details
Bromundt, Robert Ferdinand 13 Years Bath School Disaster Details
Brown, Quachaun 4 Years Homicide Details
Burt, Marilee 15 Years Kidnapped, Homicide Details
Cangro, Jayden 2 Years Homicide Details
Carlisle, Vincent 17 Years Not relased Details
Cass, Celina 11 Years Unknown Details
Chambers, Alison Jane 17 Years Homicide Details
Chatmon, Joseph 21 Months Left In Hot Car Details
Climbie’, Victoria Adjo 8 Years Homicide Details
Connelly, Peter 17 Months Homicide Details
Cooper, Carol Ann 15 Years Homicide Details
Cordero, Keiry 1 Year Murder Suicide Details
Craig, Jermauri 9 Months  Homicide Details
Cummings, Amanda Diane 15 Years Suicide Details
Curnow, Steven 14 Years Columbine Massacre Details
Davis, Tyler L. 15 Years Heat Stroke Details
Deal, Ame Lyn 10 Years Homicide Details
DeFond, Ronald 7 Years Kidnapped, Homicide Details
DePooter, Corey 17 Years Columbine Massacre Details
Dillon, Bret 2 Years Excessive bleeding in brain Details
Dowler, Tanner 8 Weeks Homicide Details
Engel, Olivia 6 Years Sandy Hook School shooting Details
Englender, Joel  5 Years Struck by Truck Details
Farrior, James 11months Drowned Details
Fernandez, Alex-Jose 6 Months Homicide Details
Ferrer, Ryan 9 Months Homicide Details
Fleming, Kelly Ann 16 Years Columbine Massacre Details
Gay, Grace Josephine 7 Years Sandy Hook School shooting Details
Glenn, Christiana 8 Years Homicide Details
Graham, Jayelin 4 Years Dog attack Details
Green, Deandre 2 Years Homicide Details
Gunderson, Isaac Ben 16 Years  Plane Crash Details
Hagerman, Amber Rene 9Years  Kidnapped, Homicide Details
Harris, Eric David 17 Years Suicide after massacre Details
Harrison, Jack 6 Months Pneumonia, abuse Details
Hart-Grizzell, Stephaine 16 Years Shooting Details
Headlee, Grace 4 Years Homicide Details
Hill, Dwight 4 months blunt force trauma Details
Hockley, Dylan 6 Years Sandy Hook School Shooting Details
Horton, Darren Craig Jr. 3 Years Drowned Details
Hubbard, Shirley 15 Years Homicide Details
Huff, Sam 18 Years IED/Roadside Bomb Details
Jimenez, Oscar Jr. 6 Years Homicide Details
Johnson, Jermane Jr. 18 Months Intentional Drowning Details
Jones, Forest 16 Years Heat stroke Details
Jones, Brianna 7 Months Left in car Details
Kauffman, Skyler 9 Years Kidnapped, homicide Details
Kehoe, Seth 2 Years Homicide Details
Kechter, Matthew 16 Years Columbine Massacre Details
Kelbold, Dylan Bennet 17 Years Suicide after Massacre Details
Kletzky, Leiby 8 Years Kidnapped, Homicide Details
Klokow, Jeaneen Marie 7 Months Homicide Details
Kunselman, Nicholas 15 Years Homicide Details
Lyons, Nancy 11 Years Homicide Details
Maag, Paul 13 Years Car crash Details
Manwill, Robert 8 Years Homicide Details
Marillo, Sharllene 2 Years Homicide Details
Maughan, Liam 18 Years Small Arms Fire/War Details
Mauser, Daniel Conner 15 Years Columbine Massacre Details
Mazzillo, Scott 7 Years Homicide Details
McFall, Anne 17 Years Homicide Details
McKinnon, Payton Lyn 17 Months Homicide Details
McKnight, Jakeob 10 Years Homicide Details
Mirra, Jude 8 Years Intentional Overdose Details
Mitchell, Leviticus 13 Years Accidental shooting Details
Moody, Isabella Ann Marie 9 Months Murder Suicide Details
Morgan, Michelle LeAnn 4 Years Homicide Details
Morris, Tyrek O’ Hara 14 Years  Shooting Details
Mott, Juanita Marion 18 Years Homicide Details
Moxley, Martha Elizabeth 15 Years Homicide Details
Nash, Courtney 16 Years Rare brain eating amoeba Details
Neef, Tracy Marie 6 Years Kidnapped, Homicide Details
Nelson, A.J. 4 Years Hit and run Details
Newton, Syler 2 years Homicide Details
Ortiz, Anita 3 Years Homicide Details
Pearson, Alexander Jr. 2 Years Homicide Details
Peter, Kayla H.  15 Years Hit and run Details
Peters, Kayla  12 Years Murder suicide Details
Peters, Nayah 23 Months Murder Suicide Details
Peters, Nyla 6 Months Murder Suicide Details
Pierce, Marchella Brett 4 Months Homicide Details
Pinkney, Jamar Jr  15 Years  Homicide Details
Polonia, Sherlyn  2 Years Cocaine Intoxication Details
Ramsey, JonBenet Patricia 6 Years Homicide Details
Rivera, Jorelys Galarza 7 Years Homicide Details
Rodemeyer, Jamey 14 Years Suicide after long term bullying Details
Rohrbough, Daniel 15 Years Columbine Massacre Details
Santiago, Antonio 1 year Homicide Details
Schee, Frances Margay 13 years Bus struck by driver on cell phone Details
Scott, Rachel Joy 17 Years Columbine Massacre Details
Scroggins, Olivia 23 Months Homocide Details
Searcy, Don'terio 16 Years Heat Stoke Details
Shackleford, Devon 2 Years Intentional Drowning Details
Shaposhinkov, Daniel Alexander 11 Years Fell while hiking Details
Shoels, Isaiah 18 Years Columbine Massacre Details
Sipes, Courtney Renee 11 Years Hit and Run Details
Smith, Kyle Chandler 3 Years Homicide Details
Smith, Russell 11 Years Hit by car Details
Smitsky, Wyatt Thomas 4 Years Homicide Details
Stinney, George Junius Jr. 14 Years Executed on death row Details
Strickland, Christian Alexander 9 years Rare brain eating Amoeba Details
Summers, Kayleigh Imgram 4 Months Homicide Details
Tarin, Jorge 11 Years Suicide after long term abuse Details
Thalley, Jeremy 16 Years Shot Details
Tomlin, John Robert 16 Years Columbine Massacre Details
Townsend, Lauren Dawn 18 Years Columbine Massacre Details
Trammel, Maggie May 10 Days Homicide Details
Travolta, Jett 16 Years Seizure Details
Velasquez, Kyle Albert 16 Years Columbine Massacre Details
Vetter, David Phillip 12 Years Severe Combined Immune Deficiency Syndrome Details
West, Charamine Carol 8 Years Homicide Details
West, Heather Ann 17 Years Homicide Details
Wicks, Steven 10 Years Kidnapped, Homicide Details
Wilson, Kayleah 12 Years Homicide Details


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