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Sylar was 2 years old when he went missing from his campsite in July 2010. The adoptive mother said he was asleep in his tent. When she woke up in the middle of the night he was gone. It is still not clear what exactly happened. But authorities do not believe Sylar walked away alone. His body was missing for a month but was recovered in August of 2010. An autopsy report showed that they boy had been given prescription medication for seizures and panic attacks that were prescribed to his foster mother. He was also given cold medication. The child was said to look under the influence and could barely keep his eyes open, much less walk away from the campsite, by other campers in the area that saw Sylar. Sylar’s foster mother and grandmother are being charged with child abuse. The foster mother is also being charged with supplying minors with drugs.


1/18/2011 4:00:00 PM
Priem and Collins appear in court on indictments

Jon Hutchinson
Staff Reporter


CAMP VERDE -- Christina Priem, the custodial mom of Sylar Newton, and Priem's mother, Nancy Collins, appeared before Yavapai County Superior Court Judge Tina Ainley Tuesday morning for a case management conference. Both are facing charges of child abuse and Priem is facing additional charges of involving a minor in drug use. The charges result from the investigation into the death of 2-year-old Syler while he was in their care at the Beaver Creek Campground.

Sylar disappeared from the tent he shared with Priem and Collins during a camping trip at the campground last July 23. After an exhaustive well-publicized search of the area by law enforcement and volunteers, the child's body was eventually found by a distant relative when water drained from a pool less than two miles away in August.

Priem was represented in court by Attorney Tony Gonzales of Flagstaff. He told the court that she does not have the resources to cover representation and has agreed to withdraw from the case. The judge agreed that the 36-year-old woman qualifies for a public defender and told Gonzales to turn his materials over to that office.

Ainley set the next appearance for Feb 1 at 9 a.m.

Michael Shaw represents Nancy Collins. He told the court that there is a significant amount of "discovery" and the case is "complex," which would add time under Arizona's speedy trial rule if the judge agrees. Shaw told the court that he has not seen evidence for that yet but asked for more time. The judge, however, also asked if Shaw would appear Feb. 1 "in order to "keep both cases on the same track."

After receipt of toxicology results, sheriff's detectives believes that Sylar ingested medication prescribed to Priem for seizures and panic attacks and also was given cold medicine. Witnesses report the child appeared to be under the influence and could barely keep open his eyes the night he is said to have wandered off.

Priem is also charged with providing her son and a friend with marijuana during the outing.

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