Shirley HubbardShirley Hubbard

Shirley Hubbard was born on June 26, 1959. She lived in Gloucester, England with her loving family. Shirley had left a work experience course in Droitwich on her way home when she disappeared.  She was killed in November 1974. Her remains were not found until about 1995, when in investigation was conducted on Fred and Rosemary West. Shirley’s had been buried in the cellar of the killers house. Her body was one of at least 9 other victims. The West victims suffered horrific tortures before being killed. The West couple would bind, rape, beat, and kill their victims. Before being buried, they would have their fingers, toes and kneecaps cut off. When Shirley’s body was found she had an obsessive amount of tape wrapped all around her head with only a three-inch rubber tube to breath through.  
There was not a lot of information to find on Shirley Hubbard before or after her death. She was smart and loved. She has a beautiful and loving family, and will never be forgotten.


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