Ronald DeFond

On March 8, 1980 Ronald DeFond was walking with his friend Steven Wicks in Denver to a grocery store to buy some ice cream. Ronald was 7 years old at the time and Steven was 10 years old. The two friends would leave Ronald's home around 2:30pm and walk about a block to the store. The boys would be found about 90 minutes later by a passer by dumped on the side of the road. They had both been shot once in the head. Ronald and Steven were brought to Denver Health Medical Center, which was formerly Denver General Hospital. Both boys would later loose their lives due to their injuries. No conviction has been made. Sheriff's investigators say thier prime suspect in the case died several years ago, but the case has not officially closed.

No pictutre of Ronald could be found.
Steven Wicks and Ronald DeFond: A passer-by driving in rural Adams County found the bodies of Steven and Ronald, two young boys kidnapped and murdered as they walked to buy ice cream at a grocery store in central Denver the afternoon of March 8, 1980.
Steven, 10, and Ronald, 7, left Ronald's home around 2:30 p.m. to walk about a block for ice cream at a grocery story on East Colfax Avenue and Williams Street. The bodies of the two boys were found about 90 minutes later, dumped along Tower Road south of East 56th Avenue.

Each had been shot once in the head. Both boys later died at Denver Health Medical Center, formerly Denver General Hospital.

Sheriff's investigators say their prime suspect in the case died several years ago. However, the case has not been officially closed.

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