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Oscar Jimenez was described as a happy, healthy, restless mind by his father. Oscar lived in San Jose Calif. He was 6 years old. On February 18, 2007 Oscar was beaten to death by his mother’s boyfriend while she watched on after a confrontation with the man’s 1 year old. Before killing Oscar the man told his mom to say goodbye to her son. Then he stomped and beat Oscar to death. The couple took his body to Phoenix and buried it under a dirt and fertilizer. Two weeks later the mother’s boyfriend would cover the grave with quick dry cement. After several times of making excuses as to why Oscar’s dad could not see him, he got suspicious and contacted local authorities.  The truth about where Oscar really was came out in court about 7 months later by his mother who told them the boy  had been killed and buried and showed them the grave. Oscar did get the proper burial he deserves from his dad and others who love him.


6-Year-Old Boy Brutally Murdered In San Jose

Police Chief Very Emotional

abclocal.go.com - By Karina Rusk

 » 6-Year-Old Boy Brutally Murdered In San Jose

SAN JOSE Calif. Sep.10, 2007 (KGO) - San Jose's police chief was almost in tears at a news conference Monday as he talked about the beating death of a 6 year old boy. He told reporters that the boyfriend of the child's mother is in custody for the crime and the mother's role is being investigated.

"You can't help but look at this picture and wonder why we live in a world in which a little six year old boy gets beaten and what leads to that."

San Jose police chief, Rob Davis, was emotional Monday talking about the murder of six year old Oscar Jimenez Jr.

34-year-old Samuel Corona is charged with the boy's murder.

Police say Oscar's mother, Kathryn Jimenez, witnessed the deadly beating after an exchange with Corona's one-year-old child.

Corona told Jimenez that Oscar Jr. had made a comment that he would hurt Corona's child. Jimenez then witnessed Samuel Corona brutally beat Oscar Jr. at their San Jose home on Hayes Avenue on February 18th, but the murder wasn't discovered until recently.


Oscar's biological father got authorities involved in the search for Oscar when his estranged wife kept making excuses as to why he wasn't able to see his son. .....


San Jose man arrested in beating death of girlfriend's 6-year-old son

mercurynews.com - By Sean Webby - 09/10/2007

The terrible secret of where 6-year-old Oscar Jimenez Jr. had been for the last seven months came spilling out of his sobbing mother in a nearly empty San Jose courtroom late last month.

On Saturday, Kathryn Jimenez showed police the exact spot: a slab of cement in the courtyard of a vacant apartment 700 miles away, in Phoenix, Ariz.

Within moments, they were unearthing Oscar Jr.'s decomposing body and along with it, the story of how the first-grader ended up there.

Police on Monday revealed the details - along with the arrest of Jimenez's boyfriend, Samuel Corona, who allegedly beat the boy after Oscar Jr. apparently threatened to hurt Corona's 1-year-old son.

"Say goodbye to your son," Corona told Jimenez, according to police, then punched and kicked the boy to death in front of her.

Corona and Jimenez, 38, drove Oscar's battered body from their San Jose home to Phoenix, police said, and buried it under a mound of dirt and fertilizer. Two weeks later, Corona covered the secret grave with quick-dry cement. .....

Father buries "Oscar Chiquito," 6, in San Jose

mercurynews.com - By Kim Vo - 09/29/2007

Little Oscar Jimenez was buried again Saturday.

But unlike that first cold grave - secretly dug, police say, by his mother and her boyfriend in Arizona, then covered with quick-dry cement - Oscar was surrounded Saturday by friends and family who formed a loving circle around his short casket and tearfully said goodbye.

It was a proper beautiful child's funeral, though many at San Jose's Oak Hill cemetery might argue the words "child" and "funeral" don't belong together. There were Batman balloons and red, yellow and blue carnations arranged into Superman's curving "S."

After the white casket was lowered, mourners blanketed it with lilies and roses. Then someone added a toy race car.

The approximately 200 mourners struggled to make sense of the 6-year-old's death. Standing before the casket, sniffles and gulping sobs filled the cemetery as musicians strummed the guitar and requinto.

"To understand why it happened is really hard," said Maria Elia Aguirre, a friend of the family's. "The mother, she didn't do anything."

Authorities say Kathryn Jimenez's boyfriend hit, kicked and stomped Oscar Jr. to death on Feb. 18. The couple then buried him in the courtyard of a vacant apartment building 700 miles away.

They kept the secret until August, when Kathryn Jimenez - questioned about her missing son - broke down and confessed. In September, officials traveled to Arizona and busted through the cement to unearth Oscar. .....

Mother guilty in son's death


Mercury News - By Brandon Bailey - 10/11/2007 01:32:58 AM PDT

Fighting back tears, a San Jose woman pleaded guilty Wednesday to felony charges that she endangered her 6-year-old son and helped cover up his death after her boyfriend allegedly beat and stomped the boy to death while she watched.

Kathryn Jimenez's voice was barely audible in the crowded courtroom, as she softly repeated "Guilty, your honor," when Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Jerome Nadler asked for her plea on each of three felony charges that prosecutors had filed against her.

Her plea also drew sobs from some members of Jimenez's childhood church, who turned out to support her. But it was little comfort to the father of the slain boy, who watched silently from the back of the room. Jimenez could face seven years in prison when she returns for sentencing next month. .....

Father of slain boy claims estranged wife ignored his misgivings


Mercury News - By Sean Webby - 09/13/2007

For months, there were the unanswered phone calls to his estranged wife, the worrying, the waiting by the phone, the wondering: Where was his 6-year-old son?

Finally, Big Oscar is getting Little Oscar back home.

But the two can't sneak into any more movies together, play around with the G.I. Joes piled up in the corner of Big Oscar's San Jose apartment or pretend they are superhero crime-fighters.

Now, Oscar Jimenez Sr. says, the fight for justice is about his slain son.

The brutal homicide of Oscar Jimenez Jr. - allegedly beaten by his mother's boyfriend Feb. 18, then buried in a grave in Arizona kept secret for seven months - has enraged strangers and brought many to tears.

"Some people wish their kids would grow up to be president and stuff, but I wish he had grown up to be a professional anything, a lawyer, a doctor, something," said Jimenez, 30. "I just wish he was here." .....

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