Mary BastholmMary Bastholm

Mary was a slim 5’3” 15 years old girl. She was born in 1951 to a loving family. She had a brother that served as a sailor!  She had straight, blond shoulder-length hair that she would part down the middle. She was a strong willed girl that took pride in her beautiful appearance. She had a very loving and happy family. She was a bridesmaid at her brothers wedding at St Aldate Church in December 1966.
She worked at the Pop-in Café.
The last time she was seen, she was wearing a long navy blue coat with vertical pin stripes and navy jumper along with lime green mini skirt, blue cardigan and blue shoes. She also had a handbag and a white bag that contained a game of Monopoly.  
It was about 8:15pm on Saturday, January 6, 1968. Mary as waiting to catch the bus to go play a game of Monopoly with her boyfriend, Tim Merrett, at his home in Hardwicke.
Mary’s body was never found. It is thought that she was one of many victims of the sadistic serial killer couple Fred and Rosemary West. There was a major police hunt but all that was found was some Monopoly pieces near a bridage that crossed over Gloucester-Sharpness canal. This was not far from where she was waiting for the bus.  Fred West was a regular at the Pop-in Café. Fred never confessed to police that he killed her but did admit it to Janet Leach and his own son that he had done it.


Remembering Mary Besthom:

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