Marilee BurtMarilee Burt

Marilee was a 15 year old high school cheerleader. She lived in Columbine Valley. She went to Goddard Middle School. After cheering at a game she decided to walk home when her ride did not show up. She would only make it half way home. On Febuary 26, 1970, Marilee was last seen talking to someone in a vehicle that had stopped. Her family searched franticly and reported her as missing. An immedate search of he area was conducted. On the second day of the search around noon, Marilee's body would be found by Jefferson County road crew. She was found nude in Deer Creek Canyon. It was determined that Marilee has been hit hard enough to knock her unconsious. She had been raped and strangled. There has been no conviction in this case.
Marilee Burt, age 15, was walking home from school in her cheerleading outfit. She made it 1/2 way home and disappeared. Her nude body was found the next day in Deer Creek canyon. She had been struck once in the face with enough force to cause unconsciousness. She was raped and strangled. If you have any information on this crime, please contact Detective Bruce Isaacson, (720) 874-4022.

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Arapahoe County



Middlefield Rd. Littleton


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Bruce Isaacson 720-874-4022

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