Maggie May TrammelMaggie May Trammel

Maggie May was only 10 days old when she was murdered. On November 4, 2010 her very own mother put her in the washing machine and turned it on. Little Maggie May was only found when a relative came over to check on the mother and new baby. She found the pathetic mother passed out from crystal meth and heard the washing machine making a stange noise and found precious Maggie May inside. It was a horrific sene. Even emergency workers were brought to tears. It was thought Maggie May had been in the washer for at least 40 minutes before being found. Her very own mother, who was supposed to keep her safe and protect and love her, failed her. Maggie did not deserve to have a mother like her. She deserved to be loved and cherished and protected. She was so small and defenseless. Maggie May’s dad was in shock and only said he could not believe in his heart that her mother could have done anything to hurt her. Even more unbelievable is that family members tried to have parental rights revoked before the baby was even born. She has two other children and has had a long history of drug abuse even when pregnant. They new she was a horrible and unfit parent and still she was allowed to keep her baby. Now Maggie May will never grow up. Her brave family tried to do what they could. They will always cherish and lover her. Maggie May you will never be forgotten.

Lyndsey Fiddler pled guilty to Manslaughter 2nd degree and Child Neglect. It was found by courts, that she did not intentionally put her own child in the washer and turn it on but did it because she was high off crystal meth. It was recommended that she be sentenced to 30 years with only 15 years served. Because Child Neglect is considered a violent crime, 85% of her incarceration must be served before becoming eligble for parole. She will also serve 15 years on probaton after her prison time.

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