Leviticus Mitchelle

Leviticus Mitchell was only 13 years old. He lived in New York. Leviticus was playing in his room with some friends. They weren’t playing video games. They were passing a .32 caliber revolver. While a friends brother was passing him the gun it went off in his hand. Levitcus was hit in the chest. He was taken to Bronx Lebanon Hospital where he died a few hours later.

No Picture of Leviticus could be found

The New York Times
Boy Shot and Killed in the Bronx
Published: September 28, 1990

A 13-year-old boy was shot and killed in a Bronx apartment yesterday morning when a gun being handed around among friends fired, apparently by accident, the police said.

Several hours earlier, a girl, 13, was shot and wounded in a nearby Bronx neighborhood when a semiautomatic gun being handled by several friends was fired, also apparently by accident, hitting her in the back and hand.

The police made an arrest in each shooting.

The boy, Leviticus Mitchell, of 252 West 149th Street in Harlem, died after a revolver went off, hitting him in the chest, as he and two friends were playing with it in an apartment bedroom about 2:40 A.M. One of the friends, Warren Moore, 19, was arrested and charged with second-degree murder and criminal possession of a weapon.

Leviticus is the seventh child to have been shot and killed in New York City in about the last two months. During that time 14 others under the age of 13 have been wounded by gunfire.

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