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Jude Mirra was an 8 year old autistic boy. His mother did everything for him except protect him. It must have been to much for her. She tried going to clinics all over the country trying to find a treatment for her severly autistic child. At one point she claimed her son would be taken away from her after she developed medical problems herself.  Insead of dealing with the problem like any other parent would, Jude’s mother feed him a mix of prescription drugs, killing him. She then took the pills herself but she lived. Friends and family say she was a loving mother but how can you kill your child and be called a good, loving mother? Loving mothers don’t kill their chidren because they cant handle the pressure of raising an autistic child.

Published: August 11. 2011 2:47AM
Bail decision due for mom in NYC death of son, 8
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A multimillionaire mother charged with killing her autistic 8-year-old son in a deluxe New York hotel may be about to find out whether she can get out of jail after 18 months behind bars awaiting her trial.

A Manhattan judge is expected to rule Thursday on Gigi Jordan's bid for house arrest on $6 million in cash bail and bond. Prosecutors object to the plan.

Jordan was found incoherent in a pill-strewn room with her dead son, Jude Mirra, in February 2010. She says she felt justified in killing Jude to save him from people she feared were after them both. She says she tried to commit suicide at the same time.

A judge turned down a $5 million bail and house arrest proposal from Jordan last year.


Poor health of autistic son Jude Mirra led mother Gigi Jordan to kill him: pal
Monday, February 08, 2010
Little Jude Mirra's body lay unclaimed at the city morgue on Sunday night as family friends painted a disturbing picture of his murderous mom, who they said drove herself crazy over the boy's autism.

Gigi Jordan was tormented by the 8-year-old boy's condition, said Dr. Marcus Conant, a friend for 15 years. "When she had Jude, she found herself a character in an Aristotelian tragedy, in that the baby was severely autistic."

That's when the otherwise "vivacious" woman, whom he first got to know when she was a caring nurse, began to withdraw, said Conant, a prominent San Francisco AIDS specialist.
"She felt she had to to fix his problem," he said. "She went to clinics all over the country looking for a treatment, grasping at straws."

The last two years seemed particularly hard on Jordan, Conant said and she cut ties with all of her friends six months ago.

Jordan, a 49-year-old former pharmaceutical sales executive, was moved to the psych unit at Elmhurst Hospital Center in Queens yesterday.

She is being held for giving her son a deadly cocktail of prescription drugs while holed up at the posh Peninsula hotel on 55th St. near FifthAve. on Friday. Cops said she also tried to kill herself.

"She developed medical problems in the last few months," Conant said. "The thought must have gone through her head that 'the only way I can save him is if we both die.'"

Jordan feared that Jude would be taken from her, but it appears she had sole custody of her son and no one was challenging that.

Still, Jude's parentage is convoluted at best.

Emil Tzekov, Jude's biological father, gave up custody of the boy in August 2001. Immediately after, Raymond Mirra - Jordan's wealthy first husband - adopted the boy, said Tzekov, 39. That is why the boy bears Mirra's name.

Tzekov said he signed the papers because it was in Jude's best interest financially. He said the divorce was amicable and he remained in the boy's life until about three years ago.

Somewhere along the line, Mirra also signed away any custody claims to the boy, Tzekov said.

Mirra's lawyer Patrick Egan said last night, "My client is very saddened by the tragedy and wishes to have his privacy respected."

He insisted Mirra and Jordan had lost touch. "He did not know her for years," Egan said.

Tzekov, upset to learn Jude's body was still with the medical examiner, made plans last night to fly to New York from California.

"It's killing me just to know that he's alone in the morgue with nobody even to say, 'That's Jude.' As soon as I can connect with all the right people, I am going to bring him here to bury him. I want to be able to visit him," he said.

"Nobody understands like I do," Tzekov added. "Gigi was a loving mother."

But "she must have felt she had no support," he said. "Think of it: She had money and all the right connections. And to see him still suffering. He was a good boy, but sometimes he would bang his head on the floor and scream and scream. He was in pain. His immune system was attacking his brain. She must have felt helpless."

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