Jermauri Craig

Jermauri was 9 months old living in a hotel room with his mother and her boyfriend. When his mom was at work the boyfriend would beat him so badly he would die from his injuries a few days later in the hospital. An autopsy report said that Jermauri had a skull fracture, bruises and even bites marks.

No picture of Jermauri Craig could be found.

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 Updated: 7/12/2007 12:51 pm Published: 7/11/2007 5:36 pm
The man accused of beating a nine month old baby to death is in jail. He turned himself into Pine Bluff Police Wednesday. His former neighbors say he deserves everything he gets. Police arrested 21 year old Traveles Bullard on probable cause for capital murder. Police say he beat nine month old Jermauri Craig at the Executive Inn Express where he was staying with the child's mother.
The child had a fractured skull, bruises even bite marks.

Larhonda Martin lives two doors down from Bullard. She helped call 911 after Bullard came to her room with the injured baby asking for advice. Paramedics rushed little Jermauri to hospital, but the baby died a few days later.

"Since that happened there has been a lot of stuff going on. I am glad they got him," says Martin.

She says after the child died, Traveles Bullard came back to his room and packed up his stuff and moved out. He left his girlfriend’s and the baby's stuff behind.

Martin says, "He hasn't been with her. No emotions, no crying, no nothing. What does that tell you? He killed that baby. I know he did it. I ain’t crazy. The baby was ok earlier, then he comes back over there and he is dead."

Bullard told police he was baby sitting the nine month old while the mother, his girlfriend, worked. He said he put the baby to bed with a bottle and when he came back to check on the child, the baby had gone limp. However, police say that statement doesn't match what the autopsy found.

Lt. Bob Rawlinson, with the Pine Bluff Police, says, "The preliminary medical examiners report came back and indicated that this was a homicide. This was not an accident."

Lt. Rawlinson added, "The investigation is still on going. It is not closed by any means."

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