Jeremy Thalley

Jeremy was 16 years old when he was a victim of a drive by shooting. Jeremy lived with his family in Denver, Colorado. On July 3, 1999 Jeremy and his brother were passengers in the back seat of a car when a Chevy S-10 low rider drove up beside them. Two suspects verbally challenged the victims before pulling out a .38 caliber automatic pistol and shot into their car. Jeremy was shot and killed. No arrests have been made for the killing of Jeremy Thalley.

No picture of Jeremy could be found.


Denver, CO -- On the evening of July 3, 1999, Jeremy Thalley, 16, and his brother William, 19, were shot during a drive-by shooting that started at Federal Boulevard and 38th Avenue and continued to Cedar Avenue.

The Thalleys were passengers in a car heading south on Federal when a Chevy S-10 "low rider" pickup truck drove up. The two suspects in the pickup verbally challenged the victims, pulled out a .38 caliber automatic pistol, and fired into the car.

Jeremy, who was sitting in the back seat of the car, died from his wounds.

There have been no arrests.

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