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Jayelin was 4 years old. He lived with his two brothers, his mother, and step father in Brooklyn, NY. Jaylin’s step father had a Cane Corso he named machete and trained to attack. He would hang stuffed animals on fences so the dogs could tear them up. He would punch his dogs in the head and ribs. According to reports from neighbors everyone was scared of his dogs. And also reported from neighbors the parents would leave the children home alone with the vicious dogs. One time being left alone Jayelin was mauled by machete killing him. The city’s medical examiners report stated that Jayelin died from injuries to his right carotid artery, larynx, trachea and esophagus.


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The parents of a tragic Brooklyn tot savagely mauled by his stepdad's pumped-up pooch often left the boy alone with the killer dog, neighbors said Sunday.

"He had no chance," said neighbor Sabrina Ramos. "I don't know how someone would leave a child that small with a dog that big."

Neither Jayelin Graham's mother, Saquina (Honey) Jubeark, nor his stepfather, Damian Jones, have been charged in the boy's horrific death late Friday.

Investigators say the brutal pooch - a 65-pound Cane Corso named "Machete" - chomped down on the 4-year-old boy's throat after his mom left him and his siblings alone with the animal.

Jayelin died from injuries to his right carotid artery, larynx, trachea and esophagus, said the city medical examiner's office.

Neighbors say Jones, 29, trained his dogs to be killers.

"The dogs are vicious," Ramos said. "I wouldn't stand outside with that big one around. I wouldn't let my child outside if that dog was out."

Jones has a rap sheet with busts for weapons possession, kidnapping, endangering the welfare of a child and reckless endangerment, records show.

Ramos said investigators from the Administration for Children's Services often visited the apartment when the family first moved in two years ago, but the visits tapered off.

A spokeswoman for the ACS declined to comment pending the outcome of an investigation.




Saturday, May 28, 2011


A 4-year-old boy left alone for a minute by his mother was killed when a family dog savagely mauled him as his two terrified brothers watched helplessly, cops and witnesses said.

Neighbors rushed to the Pacific St. home in Brownsville about 9:15 p.m. Friday after hearing the mother's desperate cries for help when the dog latched onto the boy's throat, witnesses said.

"Help! He ate my baby! He ate my baby!" wailed mother Saquina Jubeark, according to one witness.

Police said the mom insisted that she only left the boys alone for a minute to get something from a stroller in the hallway and returned to find the dog tearing at her son.



BROOKLYN, NY (CBSNewYork) – A 4-year-old boy is dead after being attacked by a Cane Corso mastiff in his family’s Brooklyn apartment.

It happened late Thursday night in the first floor apartment of a building on Pacific Street. Police say the dog bit 4-year-old Jayelin Graham multiple times on his head, neck and stomach.

1010 WINS’ Glenn Schuck reports: Neighbors Say Attack Was Tragedy Waiting To Happen

Neighbors say the mastiff was in a cage, but often left alone with children.

“The dog was over by the cage, he was outside. There was another dog in the cage. The baby was lying on the floor with his head, like this, like this and the whole neck,” said Shirley Barnes, who witnessed the attack.

The boy was rushed to Brookdale Hospital, where he later died.

“He was a kid, he was a little kid,” Jayelin’s godmother, Ashley Della Cruz, said. “All he wanted to to was play. He just wanted to play with the kids on the block.

“He was no trouble at all, not at all – he was a good kid,” she added. “It’s not fair, it really isn’t.”

Police sedated and removed the dog after the attack. They also removed a second dog, a German Shepherd, from the home.


“It was very hard for people to control them – they were dangerous dogs,” Della Cruz said.

Officials say the German Shepherd was not involved in the attack, but was still taken to the headquarters of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals along with the Cane Corso mastiff.

Neighbors say they tried to help the little boy.

“We had a gentleman on the block who helped get the child out,” said Stacy Barnes, who witnessed attack.

The boy’s two brothers, ages two and five, were not hurt in the attack.

Police say conditions inside the home were not good. They said they found animal feces and urine inside.

Officers arriving at the building encountered a chaotic scene and ended up arresting a handful of people for allegedly trying to incite a riot.

The ASPCA will decide what will be done with the dog that mauled the little boy. Police are questioning his mother and say she could face criminal charges.

Some neighbors say the mother often left Jayelin and his young siblings alone with the dog and other animals and needs to be held accountible for the attack.

The superintendent in the building said the dog belonged to a man who lived with the boy’s mother.


Jayelin Graham Mauled to Death by Family's Cane Corso-Mix Mastiff in Family's Brooklyn NY Home
Saturday, May 28, 2011 Janet Shan
Damien 'Dread' Jones raised his dogs to be aggressive & led to his Cane Corso-mix mastiff mauling four year old Jayelin Graham to death in the family's Brooklyn NY home.
SHOCK: Damien "Dread" Jones reportedly raised his dogs to be aggressive and it back-fired after his Cane Corso-mix mastiff, mauled to death a four year old child, Jayelin Graham, who lived in his Brooklyn, NY, home.

A neighbor to the Brooklyn family, Robin Parkinson, 56, told the paper Damien 'Dread' Jones would 'hang stuff on trees or the school yard fence – stuffed animals or footballs – just so his dogs could rip the stuff up. 'It was an accident waiting to happen', he said. '[Mr Jones] could clear the block with them dogs,' Mr Parkinson said. 'He used to punch them in the heads, kick them in the ribs, brutal'.

Neighbors said Mr Jones was rarely at the house where his wife, Sequina "Honey" Jubeark, 24, and three sons lived. Two other boys, ages five and two, were unharmed by the dog attack. Source
Anyone who keeps their children in such an environment should be charged with child abuse and locked up for a long time. Media reports said the child's mother may face criminal charges, as she should.

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