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Jakeob was 10 years old when he was swimming with his brother and friends at a local water hole. Everyone had a bike except Jakeob who walked home alone. He would never arrive. On July 21, 1991 Jakeob was stabbed 24 times. His body was found the next day close to his house. No one has been charged in the death of Jakeob McKnight.


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Share3Name: Jakeob McKnight
Hometown: Lakewood
Agency: Lakewood Police Department
Date murdered: July 21, 1991
Where body found: Bear Creek greenbelt area
Cause of death: Multiple stab wounds
Suspect: John Ramsey "Felix" Chinn

Ten-year-old Jakeob McKnight had been swimming with his older brother, Joshaua, and friends at a park near his home.

The others had bikes and rode home on the evening of July 21, 1991. Jakeob was walking home, but he never made it. The next day, his body was found with more than a dozen stab wounds not far from his house.


Jakeob McKnight


Investigators identified a suspect at the time, John Ramsey "Felix" Chinn.
In the 17 years since McKnight's slaying, Chinn remains a suspect, said Gregg Slater, the Lakewood police detective assigned to the case.
"He hasn't been eliminated as a suspect," Slater said.
Some witnesses reported seeing Jakeob with a young man in a 7-Eleven store across South Wadsworth Boulevard from where his body was found. Based on descriptions from Jakeob's brother and a clerk at the store, police started focusing on Chinn.

At the time Chinn, then 22, was facing a molestation charge involving a 9-year-old Denver boy, but the charge was later dropped after the victim's mother didn't want her son to testify.
Chinn reportedly admitted that he spent time with Jakeob and other boys in the greenbelt area, including swimming with them for 45 minutes.

John Ramsey "Felix" Chinn


A judge had ordered Chinn not to spend time with children alone without another adult present. Chinn said he was with a friend, Tom Judge, at the time of the crime.
Judge told police that Chinn was enamored of Jakeob but that nothing had happened. Judge has since died.
Several alibi witnesses said Chinn spent the evening with them. The case was taken to a grand jury, but Chinn was never charged.
Slater said investigators have looked at other suspects besides Chinn and that they have submitted evidence for testing as new technology came available, including DNA-testing improvements.
"We get phone calls from time to time," he said. "It's frustrating that we haven't had closure. There's information out there that could lead to an arrest."
Crime Stoppers is offering a reward for information leading to an arrest, Slater said.
Messages left for Chinn, an artist living near Seattle, were not returned.
Steve Davis, spokesman for Lakewood police, said McKnight's case has troubled homicide detectives in part because they believe they know who did it.
"That one is really hard for the detectives," Davis said. "They've never had enough to put it before a jury."
Jakeob's father, Gary, said 17 years later, it still hurts.
"All I know is my son is still upstairs in my wife's dresser."

If you have information about this case, call the Lakewood Police Department's Major Crime section at 303-987-7200.
Staff writer Kirk Mitchell can be reached at 303-954-1206 or kmitchell@denverpost.com/

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