Dunblane School Massacre

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List of Victims:

Victoria Elizabeth Clydesdale

Victoria Clydesdale

Victoria was a beautiful, bright, loving five-year-old girl. Victoria was from Drummond Rise. It’s near the Scottish Town of Dunblane, in Perthshire. She had a loving family, including her brother Lee McMaster. Victoria loved taking gym lessons and school. The day the shooting occurred Victoria had begged her mom to let her go to school even though she was suffering from a rash. After saying bye-bye to her mom six times, she walked to school with her brother and went to their classes to start the school day.





Emma Elizabeth Crozier

Emma Cozer

Emma was born April 6, 1990. She was 5 years old. She was described as lively, charming, and bright! She lived in Montrose way, a small Scottish town of Dunblane. Her parents were Alison and John Crozier. Emma’s best friend was Joanna Ross. They were even baptized together. They were together about to start gym class when the attack began. They were both killed.  The two girls were buried together. Emma’s father, John, went on to become the UK President of the Society Against Guns (SAGE) in Europe group! In 1996 a photograph of Emma was used to feature an advertising campaign in an attempt to make it illegal to own a gun in Europe.






Melissa Helen Currie

Melissa Currie

Mellissa had just recently moved to Dunblane, Scotland, from Braemar, Cairngorms. Her parents were Graham and Helen Currie. She had at least one younger brother. Melissa was best friends with Charlotte Dunn, whom was also a victim of the attack. The two girls had a joint funeral service, where over 600 mourners/supporters attended.








Charlotte Louise Dunn

Charlotte Dunn

Charlotte moved to Dunblane, Scotland from the Springfield Terrace, West Midlands in 1995, with her loving parents and brother, Alex. She wrote to her old friends telling them how she loved Scotland even though she missed them. She became best friends with Melissa Currie, (also a victim).  She loved teddy bears. A Joint funeral service was held the two girls where over 600 mourners/supporters. Her headstone is in the shape of a panda bear!







Kevin Allan Hassell

Kevin Hassell

Kevin lived in Hillside Avenue, Scotland city of Dunblane. He had a loving family and his best friend was Robbie Hurst. Robbie, who was present at the shooting at Dunblane School, tried to push Kevin and another friend into an alcove. Sadly Kevin did not survive. Robbie and the third unnamed friend survived. Kevin was only 5-years-old.








Ross William Irvine

Ross Irvine

Ross lived in Atholl Place with his loving family. He was born in 1991. He attended Dunblane School, in Dunblane, Scotland. He had a beautiful smile. He had dark brown hair. He was very loved and will be remembered everyday. 








David Charles Kerr

David Kerr

David was born on November 28, 1990 in Gasgow, Scotland.  David had a wonderfully, contagious smile. He had blond straight hair. He was like any other 5 year old. He loved to play and run! David’s funeral was the first to be held among all the victims. As a sign of respect all motorists attending stepped out of their cars at the same time in one beautiful motion. David’s headstone reads, “May he run, skip, and play forever.”






Mhairi Isabel MacBeath

Mhairi MacBeath

Mhairi was born on November 5, 1990 in Striling, Scotland. She lived in Kilbryde, Scotland. Her Father Murry MacBeath had just recently passed away from a stroke in October 1995. Her mother was attending a memorial service for him when she informed of the horrific massacre that took place. Mhairi was a beautiful five-year-old girl. She had straight hair, and a beautiful smile. Mhairi’s picture became a poster for SAGE, (Society Against Guns in Europe, which helped to make it illegal to own a gun. 






Brett McKinnon

Brett McKinnon

Bret was born on January 17, 1990 In Falkirk, Scotland. His best friend was John Petrie, whom was also a victim of the attack. They liked to ride bikes and do what typical boys like to do.  It was said, “He was always enjoying himself!” Bret had an older brother named Colin.
At his funeral Reverend Moira Herkes read a beautiful poem written the author A.A. Milne (Winnie the Pooh). It read
        “ When I was one I had just begun. When I was two I was nearly new.
When I was three, I was hardly me. When I was four I was not much more.
When I was five, I was just alive. But now I'm six, I'm as clever as clever,
So I think I'll be six, now, forever and ever.”






Abigail Joanne McLennan

Abigail McLennan

Abigail was the daughter of Elizabeth and Duncan McLennan. She also had two sisters. The family had just recently moved back to Scotland far somewhere in the Far East. Abigail had long beautiful straight blond hair. She had a great smile!








Gwen Mayor

Gwen Mayor
Mrs. Gwen Mayor grew up in Great Harwood, in North East Landcashire. She was married to Rodney Mayor. They had two daughters named Esther and Deborah Mayor. The family moved to Scotland in the 1970’s.
Gwen was the only adult victim to be killed during the Dunblane School shooting. When her body was discovered it was apparent that she had been trying to shield the children from the gunfire. In 1997, she received the Queen’s Commendation for Bravery, in the Birthday Honors. The Gwen Mayor Rose is a hybrid of peach and apricot tea rose grown/named in her honor. Each rose sold goes to the Gwen Mayor Trust designed to fund artistic, musical, cultural, and sporting projects in Scottish primary school. Her mother in law was quoted as saying “Gwen’s life was rich an she enriched the lives of all who knew her. Her final act was a positive, caring one for the young children who were placed in her charge.”





Emily Morton

Emily Morton
Emily was born in Glasgow, Scotland on June 21, 1990. 
Her mother, Katherine, is a cytologist (study of cells) at the Stirling Royal Infirmary.  During the attempt to save lives Katherine was transferred from another department to help out. While fighting to help save the lives of other children she learned that her daughter Emily was one of the victims and that she had lost her life. Emily had curly hair and a great smile. She was only five years old.





Sophie Jane Lockwood North

sophie North
Sophie was born on October 2, 1990 in Stirling, Scotland. She was known as being “a lively, inquisitive, popular girl with huge brown sparkling eyes and a cheeky grin.”  She had dark, straight hair. Sophie and her father lost Mrs. North to breast cancer when Sophie was about to turn three. Sophie and her father had an unbreakable bond after the loss of his wife. When Sophie died Mr. North became dedicated to opening a charity in Sophie’s name. The charity provides funds to breast cancer research, children’s hospices and anger management and conflict resolution.  Her father wants people to know, “The life I live now is different from what it would have been had I been the father of a 15-year-old girl. I hope that the people of Dunblane will remember.”
Mr. North, WE will remember. 





John Petrie

John Petrie
John was a bright outgoing 5-year-old boy. He was described as being, “a lovely wee boy with a cheeky face!” He was a close friend to Brett McKinnon (whom was also a victim). Together the two would frequently visit the local pet shop on their bikes. A neighbor recalls that when they would walk their dog John would come up and say hello, even though he was a little afraid of the dog at first. Once he became comfortable he would reach out and pet him lovingly.  His parents Ellen and Sandy had been trying to conceive for many years. John had been their miracle baby. There was a rumor that John was born at 10:22 and died the same hour the day of the attack.





Joanna Caroline Ross

Joanna Ross
Joanna lived in George Street, Scotland in the town of Dunblane. Her parents were Pamela and Kenneth Ross. She was best friends with Emma Crozier and was even baptized with her. She could be seen playing with her neighbor and friend Brett McKinnon. Both Brett and Emma were victims of the shooting at Dunblane School. She had a younger sister just a few months old at the time. Joanna and Emma were buried together.





Hannah Louise Scott

Hannah Scott

Hannah was born on September 28, 1990.  She lived in Ochiltree, East Ayrshire. Her parent’s names were Karen and David Scott. She had two sisters named Katrina and Rebecca Scott. Hannah was a beautiful bright girl. He had straight hair and a wonderful smile. She was only five years old.








Megan Turner

Megan Turner
Megan was a bright and wonderful 5-year-old girl. Her parents were Karen and Willie Turner. She was born in Backcroft. Her mother described her as, “full of life, always running and jumping.”  She also said that, “Megan stood on her head more than she stood on her feet! She was wonderful and she was so special to us.” Megan’s grandmother, Nancy McLaren, wrote, “Megan, my ears are always listening for your voice, my eyes for a glimpse of your bonny faceā€¦Never a day will pass without us speaking to you or about you and one day we will join you and read a book together.”  Megan was loved and cherished by so many.


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The Dunblane Memorial Gardengarden



dunblane garden1









Dunblane School massacre

March 13, 1996 in Dunblane, Scotland a gunman armed with two 9mm Browning HP pistols, and two Smith and Wesson M19 .357 Magnum revolvers, Entered Dunblane Primary School and viciously gunned down 16 children and one adult. After his rampage he committed suicide.  It was this incident that inspired the Firearms Amendment Act of 1997 and Firearms Amendment Number 2 Act of 1997 to be enforced, making private ownership of handguns illegal in the United Kingdom.

Thomas Hamilton was an unemployed, pathetic, failed former shopkeeper. He had been a Scout leader with the 4th and 6th Stirling and 24th Stirlingshire troops of the Scout Association.  There were many complaints made against him for his conduct with the boys. There were two occasions when Scouts reported to have been forced to sleep with Hamilton in his van during hill-walking expeditions.
In the 1980’s, George Robertson, whom was a Member of Parliament, complained to the Michael Forsyth about the boy’s club his son attended, run by Hamilton. On May 13, 1974 the warrant was withdrawn. The County Commissioner was quoted as saying he felt, “suspicious of his (Hamilton’s) moral intentions towards boys”.   Rumors spread of his desire for young boys. Local police and the Scouts questioned him, when he attempted to organize a boy’s club. He wrote complaints to the Queen, and Michael Forsyth, also a local Member of Parliament, about it. He claimed that the rumors about him caused his business to fail in 1993, and that he could not organize the boy’s club with out persecution.  It is not known if this fueled his rampage. The question that cannot be answered is why he did this. We can only guess.

On March 13, 1996 the sick and demented gunman, Thomas Hamilton, entered Dunblane Primary School armed with four guns, and 743 cartridges and bullets. He first made entered the gymnasium where a class, of 5-6 year old, Primary One class was in attendance.  He viciously and heartlessly opened fire on the children. 15 of the children died there together along with their teacher Gwen Mayor. Gwen was murdered trying to shield and protect the children.  He then proceeded out an emergency exit on to a playground with mobile classrooms. He then began shooting at the mobile classrooms, spreading bullets through out the side. Luckily, a teacher had realized that there was danger around and told the children to hide under their tables. Most of the bullets recovered were found in books and equipment. One chair was found with a bullet hole. If not for the teacher telling them to get down a child would have been sitting in there.
He fires at some more students and a teacher that were walking near by. He only injured the teacher and the students were unharmed. He then proceeded back to the gym where he shot one bullet into in mouth, killing himself. One more student from the gym, Mhairi Isabel MacBeath, died on the way to the hospital. Another 11 students and 3 adults were rushed to the hospital. The ordeal itself lasted just three minutes but the scars this sadistic coward, this monster caused, will never heal.
It was later discovered that Hamilton was carrying 743 rounds ready to fire. He shot 109 times.
They gym was torn down and in it’s place was put a small garden and plaque that lists the names of the victims.



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