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Charmaine was a beautiful 8-year-old girl born in 1963 in Coastsbridge, Scotland. Her family later moved to Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England. She was the daughter of Catherine “Rene” Costello. She lived with her stepfather, stepmother and two sisters at the time of her death. Charmaine was one of many victims of the sadistic sexual predators, Fred and Rosemary West. Her stepfather was in jail on other charges when Charmaine’s stepmother beat her to death. Her stepfather was released and buried her beneath the family’s kitchen floor. When asked about, Charmaine was said to have gone to live with her mother Chatherine. Her body lay undiscovered for over 20 years. Charmaine’s loving birth mother Catherine was also a victim of the vicious couple, when she came looking for her daughters.
The couple enforced horrific bondage, torture and sexual punishments on their victims before killing and cutting their fingers, toes, and sometimes their kneecaps off.
Charamine’s body was finally found when an investigation was conducted. Charamine’s body was found along with 9 other victims buried throughout the yard at the properties that the couple lived. Though it is not really known just how many young women and girls that they killed.

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Charmaine Carol Mary West, often called Char. Born February 22 (some also say March 22), 1963 in Coatsbridge, Scotland, to Rena Costello and Fred West, but her biological father was a Pakistani bus driver. She was later joined by half sister Anne Marie. Her mother was troubled, a thief and prostitute, but loving. Fred beat and cheated on Rena and molested Charmaine. Fred later began living with Rose Letts (the two later became serial killer pair Fred and Rose West), and Charmaine was given a stepsister, Heather. Rose frequently beat the children; strong-willed Charmaine refused to cry when beaten and was very vocal in her desire to live with Rena. In June 1971, at the age of eight, Charmaine was beaten to death by Rose; Fred buried her in their house, where her remains rested for over twenty years. Fred claimed Rena had taken her back. Rena was later killed by Fred when she came looking for Charmaine. Heather was also killed sixteen years later, as well as at least nine other young women.


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