Charlotte Baconcharlotte bacon

Charlotte Bacon was a sweet outgoing 6-year-old girl. She had two very loving and wonderful parents, Joel and JoAnn Bacon. She had a loving brother named Guy Bacon. She was very gifted girl with loving grandparents and other extended family.  She was always full of energy! She loved school and to wear dresses. She had beautiful curly red hair and loved the color pink. She had a wonder smile and loved animals. She wanted to be a veterinarian from a very early age. She had a way of expressing her individuality. She would practice Tae Kwon Do with her dad and brother often.
Charlotte attended Sandy Hook Elementary School. On December 14, 2012 while attending school with her classmates a gunman opened fire on campus. The shooter first killed his mother before going to Sandy Hook Elementary and killing, 20 children, and six adults before taking his own life. 


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