Alison Jane Chambersalison Chambers

Alison was born on September 8 1962, in Hanover, West Germany. She eventually moved to Swansea. At the age of 16 she moved to Jordansbrook House, Gloucester. There she worked for a youth training scheme soliciting pornographic movies. At the age of 17 she was one of many victims of Fred and Rosemary West. The sick couple would pick up young girls and women. They would bring them to their house on 25 Cromwell Street, in Gloucester England. Where they would use brutal and sickening forms of bondage, torture, and rape on their victims before killing them. Before burying the bodies they would sometimes dismember them. They would cut off the girl’s fingers and toes and sometimes even their kneecaps. Alison was the last known sexually motivated victim of the West couple. Alison was reported missing To the Missing Persons Bureau and police as a runaway case.  Her body was later found at the property in February 1994 along with remains of at least 9 other young woman and girls. Alison’s life was cut short before she could really know all the great things life has to offer. She was beautiful and outgoing. I could not find anything else about who Alison was before she was so viciously killed.  She was only 17 years old with so much to experience. You will not be forgotten.


On January 1, 1995, Fred West hung himself while in his cell in Winson Green Prison, in Buringham, England.

Rosemary West in serving a life sentence with out the possibility of parole after being found guilty on 10 counts of murder.



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