Aleszandra Berrelez "Alie"Aleszandra Berrelez

Alie was a bright loving 5 year old girl that lived in Denver, Colorado. She lived with her very loving family. On May 19, 1993, Alie was playing outside with her brother when she was kidnapped. An extensive search was conducted. Four days after she was kidnapped a bloodhound named Yogi, helped track down her body. Her body was found a dozen miles from her apartment building. She had been stuffed in a Duffel bag and thrown down a 20 foot embankment at a roadside turnout. Due to court order Alie's autopsy and cause of death were never released. No arrest has been made In Alie's case.
The ALIE Foundation Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) non profit organization register with the IRS. Our mission is to reach out to children and parents concerning the dangers of stranger child abduction and to offer safety issues and to make available purebred bloodhounds to police departments that can be trained to assist in missing and abducted children cases. ALIE, 4675 Andes St, Denver, Colorado 80249. Office Phone (303) 662-8402.
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Share Name: Aleszandra "Alie" Berrelez, 5
Where kidnapped:
Investigative agency: Englewood Police Department
Date body found: May 22, 1993
Cause of Death: Never revealed
Suspect: Nick Stofer

As Greeley police scoured fields and culverts for signs of Kayleah Wilson, 60-year-old Richard Berrelez was searching too, along with a hounddog.

Alie Berrelez disappeared while playing outside her Englewood apartment.
It was one of many such searches he has made in the 17 years since his 5-year-old granddaughter Aleszandra "Alie" Berrelez was kidnapped and killed. The discovery of 12-year-old Wilson's body in an irrigation ditch on May 19 ended the latest search.

It likely won't be the last for Berrelez, who has made the search for lost children his mission ever since a very personal discovery turned his life upside down on May 22, 1993.

That is when Yogi, an Aurora police bloodhound discovered Alie's body a dozen miles from his Englewood apartment in Deer Creek Canyon four days after she vanished while playing outside with her brother.

It had been stuffed in a duffel bag and thrown down a 20-foot embankment at a roadside turnout. The cause of Alie's death has never been revealed because of a court order.

Yogi had tracked the girl's scent all the way from the apartment complex.

No one has ever been arrested for the kidnapping and murder of Alie.

Englewood police once had a strong suspect, who they identified as Nick Stofer.

He had moved out of the apartment complex where Alie lived. Arapahoe County prosecutors declined to file charges, believing there was insufficient evidence.

Police have said it was a circumstantial case and without DNA evidence, no charges were brought.

On Oct. 10, 2001, Stofer, 41, was found dead of apparent natural causes in his Phoenix apartment.

Shortly after Alie's abduction, Richard Berrelez and his wife, Leticia, founded the nonprofit A.L.I.E. Foundation. A.L.I.E. stands for Abduction, Lost, Innocent, Enough.

The foundation educates children, parents and the general public about child safety. It also provides bloodhounds to police and sheriff's departments around the country to help find missing children and assist in homicide cases.

Berrelez, who was working as a meat cutter while studying to be a pharmacist, had given up his job and studies to be full-time director of the foundation.

Richard Berrelez has led dozens of searches for bodies including that of 6-year-old Aaroné Thompson in 2005. Her body has never been found even though her father, Aaron Thompson, was convicted of child abuse causing death in her case.

Contact information: The Englewood Police Department can be reached at 303-761-7410. Denver Post reporter Kirk Mitchell can be reached at 303-954-1206 or

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